Who we are?

From our establishment in 1978, we began our journey as a local, general trading enterprise. We kept growing and evolving to be one of the leading companies in the animal health market, that provides integrated veterinary services within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2013, we made our grand transition from being a traditional player to an experienced and innovative provider in the Saudi animal health market.

Today, we are privileged to earn our place as one of the top leading veterinary companies across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one of the main players in our market of expertise.


Our expertise

We have more than 44 years of experience in the field, a huge growth rate in the field, we have achieved tremendous success in the poultry market and are now working to excel in the ruminant market.

More than 40 years of experience in the Saudi market.

More than 20 years of leadership in the field of animal health.

Our Mission

We are determined to continuously exceed our client’s expectations with unprecedented products and services which are fully-focused on improving the overall health and vitality of animals, all while supporting and enhancing the sustainability of environmental health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Vision

We aim to localize the veterinary vaccine industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by establishing a vaccine factory with a research and development center.

MAS New Project

MAS and Biogénesis Bagó partnership

In collaboration with the world leading Biogenesis Bago, we will create biotechnology products to protect livestock animals from disease, and we also will establish a research and development center, along with a vaccines factory to produce vaccine for foot and mouth disease in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This collaboration aims to contribute to the kingdom’s 2030 vision by localizing veterinary vaccine production along with technologies and exporting them.