First Scientific Symposium on FMD


Based on the principle of protecting livestock in the Kingdom, Biogénesis Bagó Middle East Company held the first scientific symposium on FMD, with strategic sponsorship from the Weqaa Center and in the generous presence of the Food and Drug Authority, to discuss:

“The Current Epidemiological Situation of FMD”

The symposium aims to exchange knowledge and experiences regarding foot-and-mouth disease, which is considered one of the most important diseases threatening the health of animal, and to exchange recent data and statistics related to its spread and its impact on public health.

During the symposium, the Kingdom’s efforts in controlling foot-and-mouth disease and following biosecurity procedures to preserve the health and safety of animals and the use of the latest methods to control and raise awareness of the dangers of the spread of the disease, by setting clear targets and performance indicators to measure the rate of achievement of those targets.

Experts also gave presentations on successful experiences in a number of countries in controlling and eliminating the disease, and preventive measures and health measures were discussed to limit the spread of the disease.

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